The Lake District Coast Aquarium is situated on the harbour side at Maryport in Cumbria

The Lake District Coast Aquarium opened in May 1997 and since then we have won several tourism awards including the Cumbria Tourism Award 2010.

The Lake District Coast Aquarium Maryport houses over 60 themed tanks containing a variety of the marine life found around the Cumbrian coastline, from fish to crustaceans, as well as a purpose built tropical marine community reef tank.

We also have a small friendly cafe serving a variety of snacks and main meals as well as a well stocked gift shop.

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The Lake District Coast Aquarium is a great all weather attraction for all age groups, with stunning live displays and other attractions for all the family. It has just the right balance of fun with learning!

Click here to See the live video feed
From our Shark and Ray Pool




Happy Seahorses!


Our seahorses seem to be keeping happy and active. Above is one of our male seahorses - heavily pregnant! Our aquarists are being kept on their toes, checking for the new arrivals.

Why not help out by visiting our Aquarium and seeing if you can spot the babies arrival


Special Delivery at the Lake District Coast Aquarium!

lumpsucker eggs.jpeg

The eggs you see in the photo above belong to the Lumpsucker (Cyclopterus lumpus) and were brought up from Anglesey as they had been found on the beach out of the water. A female can carry 100,000-350,000 eggs which are laid in a "nest" made by the male in relatively shallow water. These eggs need to be kept well ventilated with a current of oxygen-rich water, where in the wild it would be the male that would care for them, guarding them and fanning them with his fins. When the eggs hatch, the young lumpsuckers will attach themselves to seaweed using the sucker on their stomach. Can you see their little bodies and eyes through the transparent egg?

We are very excited for the eggs to hatch out and will be announcing the young lumpsuckers arrival on our website as soon as they do - so watch this space!


We have some new seahorses at the Aquarium! The Slender or Longsnout seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) is the newest addition to our fishy family.

Pictured below is one of our females who is sharing one of our tropical tanks with another female and one male. Seahorse gender is easy to identify as the males have a special pouch known as the "brood pouch". Females deposit up to 1,500 eggs into a males pouch which he then carries from 9 to 45 days until they are ready to be released, emerging as very small yet fully developed seahorses!

Why not come along and learn more about these fascinating creatures!


We are beginning to fit out the new Aquarium extension with some really exciting displays - Watch this space for further updates!

Our Bait and Tackle shop now has its own facebook page to keep you updated on bait availability and special offers!


Unfortunately, 4 weeks after being recovered from the beach the Kemp Ridleys Sea Turtle passed away from a well established internal infection that was only found by post mortem. The broad spectrum antibiotic given earlier had not been effective.

A rare Kemp Ridleys Sea Turtle was found washed up "cold stunned" on Walney Island on Saturday 20th December, it was reported to the BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) who got in touch with us at the aquarium to see if we could take it in and start rehabilitation, this required us to cool down a tank to 11°C and then slowly fetch the temperature up by 1°C per day.
The turtle is now at 25 °C and is a lot more active however it is refusing food so it will be transferred to the Lakes Aquarium where one of their aquarists has previous experience in turtle rehabilitation.
Once the turtle is eating and its weight and strength is back up it will be returning to America for further rehabilitation and return back to the Gulf of Mexico.

turtle image.jpeg

Pop along and see our newest addition: over 100 baby moon jellies, called ephyrae, these are kept in a special tank to keep them circulating.

Over the past few weeks 9 baby Thornback rays (raja clavata) have hatched and over 30 baby Cuttlefish (sepia officinalis) have also hatched, pop along to watch them grow, the cuttle fish are already hunting down small shrimp to devour them!



Live rag worm is available from thursday to sunday at the aquariums tackle shop alongside a wide selection of frozen bait and a large selection of tackle.

Competition time, pop over to our face book page and give us a like, every time we hit another 100 new likes we will draw a name from the hat and that person will receive a family day pass to the aquarium

Check out this great video about the Aquarium, thank you Natalie Ozanne

Ann Lingard a local novelist and scientist will be running a series of guided walks along the Solway coast,
check out her website for details

Our kreisel tank is now fully stocked with moon jellies, this is a special tank that keeps the delicate jellies in circulation so they don't damage themselves hitting the sides of the tank.

Come along to see the baby Octopus

Our new Aquarium extension is under construction, this will house a lobster hatchery, aquaculture for plankton and brine shrimp, a dedicated seahorse tank, a large jellyfish kreisel tank and an aquaponics set up (using fish waste to fertilise plants)

Latest News

The Harbourside Cafe will be closed from Monday 11th - Friday 15th January for new flooring and kitchen refurbishment. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to welcoming you back to our new refurbished cafe, Thank you for your valued custom.

Have you visited our new Sea Lab? Featuring a Lobster Hatchery, we opened the Sea Lab in July 2015. In fact, we will be releasing our first juvenile lobsters in the next couple weeks!


Be sure to check out:

  • Our amazing microscope that lets you zoom into the world of barnacles, green fly, brine shrimp, sea anemones and many other creatures that are too small to view with the human eye!

stage 1 larva.JPG

  • Our heads up tank that allows you to experience life under water - this has been a great hit with the kids and is a brilliant photo opportunity.
  • Watch our plants grow as they feed on fish waste in our Aquaponics set up that allows people to grow vegetables and rear fish for the table at the same time!
  • There is also a number of newly installed tropical tanks, including a larger home for our 4 Moray Eels

Be sure to come along and enjoy our new feature!


 Fishing Bait & Tackle.jpg

Our Bait and Tackle shop now has its own facebook page to keep you updated on bait availability and special offers!